Inspire societal learning* that translates into societal transformation-resulting in sustainable communities that ensure our sustainable use of natural resources while pursuing social and economic equity.
How- teaching and facilitating the implementation of recognized  principles of sustainable development.
Why- We are in the midst of massive  societal change- our industrial age generated practices are failing to address the depletion of our natural resources, societal and economic decline- the practices and principles of Sustainable Development offer us (humans) the best chance of an acceptable life style and the ability to leave a healthy world for our children.

Learning (our definition)we use this word in the context of:

learning the science, concepts and philosophies that underlie sustainable development (example-learning about the function of our ecosystems so that we can support and mimic their function)

learning to balance the social, natural and economic dimensions

learning how to teach and implement sustainable practice in the context of our existing social and economic infrastructures