Had a lot of fun last year (2013) with the Sustain-A-Kid Foundation- encouraging young people to take responsibility for the environment and become good stewards.  What makes it all very special is seeing that spark when they fix something, build something and create something of value.

Watching them unknowingly implement basic sustainability practices like recycling and reusing, to assemble  a commercial composter and converting an old couch left in the desert as trash, to a vegetable planter/cold frame for the community garden project, is an absolute joy and the essence behind SAK – “Inspiring kids to do something special”

Also had little guys building with sticks – mimicking the parents or older students from Apple Valley Christian who were building a compost bin out of recycled wood pallets

All in all 2013 was a great year of learning what inspires kids :  A worm farm for preschoolers, the workday here at Sustainable Learning Center, camping adventures to Kern and Lake Arrowhead, Straw-bale building, solar, a movable chicken cage (tractor).

Started 2014 with a bang-2 sets of triplets from our two Boer goat Mama’s. The plan is to donate these “kids” to human kids as FFA, 4H Fair Projects.  An awesome character building, leadership building experience and humbling when we realize that the world isn’t just designed for us-our consumer driven, wasteful society is negatively impacting the future of others in the world.  We cannot continue to overuse and waste our natural resources and as an American who uses 25% -40% of the resources, we need to realize that we can make a difference, by how we live and work.