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The Sustainable Learning Center (SLC) strives to be your “How To Manual” on how to live green, be more sustainable.  So that we all can help leave a legacy of a healthy world and a productive lifestyle for future generations-our kids

Local Power-Choosing A New Energy Pathway

In developing energy policies- the laws, regulations and programs that affect energy production and use, governments must keep a sustainable future in mind. Experience shows that it takes at least 50 years and huge investments to faze in new energy alternatives. Our energy future depends primarily on which energy resources and “pathways” the government and […]

Mojave Renewable Solutions

Mojave Renewable Solutions The implementation of wise energy practices will take wise planning, good science, appropriate use of technology and most of all careful evaluation of what works best for the sustainability of the local community. We have an unprecedented level of local citizen engagement, several very active local community groups, good collaboration history with […]

Going Mojave Solar Green

Created April 2012 republished Jan 2015  California leads the world in the development of renewable energy resources. The aggressive California energy policies (33% by 2020 and AB 32) and massive government incentives have resulted in a rush to develop some of the world’s largest “utility grade” solar and wind projects in the Mojave . Two […]