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The Sustainable Learning Center (SLC) strives to be your “How To Manual” on how to live green, be more sustainable.  So that we all can help leave a legacy of a healthy world and a productive lifestyle for future generations-our kids

Our experiences living Off the Grid Solar

Looking back on our efforts to be “off the grid”, I think that in general we have done a good job of working with the sun to heat, cool and provide electricity for our home but it was not without some very painful “missteps” and hard learned lessons along the way.   My biggest mistake […]

Step Lightly- minimizing ecological footprint!

Setting out on this grand adventure we wanted to model how not to mess-up more of our natural world than was necessary. In sustainable development thinking, this is called leaving a minimal Ecological Footprint (EF). This is a measurement of how many acres of productive land it takes to produce the natural resources needed to […]

Our Journey Living Off The Grid

Well it appears that our “crazy ride” to build an off the grid home and live green is finally starting to slow down…a little! I woke up last week to realize that we had one more wall to throw mud (natural plaster) on, and our DIY home solar system to finish and we would be […]