Adventure into our natural world is essential to getting “reconnected”and regaining our sanity. Tammy and I set out in late July, nicely “pooped” after the big push to get the Strawbale walls finished on the Sustainable Learning Center under the blazing Mojave Desert sun. Many thanks to all the friends that chipped in and our first Interns- Tony, Kevin, Big Mike and Joey- you guys are a hoot!

Started with four restful days in the  Vancouver BC area. Our great ministry friends Bill and Kim who live just off the spectacular Manley Park opened up their apartment and Mountain Man Bill led us on the local craziness of the  Grouse Grind a 2000′ foot hike straight  up a local mountain.

Then on to see my Limpopo River kayaking buddy Jerome Truran who of course lives in what must be the most beautiful spot in the world, Victoria BC.

Greatly enjoyed our time on the cruise for 7 days and then our 10 days on the land.  Would highly recommend the cruise!  Set off from Vancouver with our great friends the Ellises and the Patags. We are so blessed to have such great friends- we raised our kids together here in the High Desert and we loved sharing this much ‘tamer” adventure with them . We were on one of the smaller ships (it is still a monster)  and loved  its ability to go up channels that were only a quarter mile wide and cruised right up to the Hubbard Glacier- have to see this before you die!. The food was fantastic and our Jamaican and Turkish waiters really spoiled us

Ran into some fun loving fellow ex South Africans and were lucky enough to watch a  Humpback Whale feeding up close.

Then moved on to ten days on the mainland, exploring this very unique wild place and discovering how Alaskans are living more sustainably. Was fascinating to learn how farmers are implementing sustainable agriculture in a climate that allows only a four month growing season.

and then fulfilled a life-time dream of Salmon fishing on the Kenai River