Is our world a mess? I think we all would answer a big yes

That response then begs the question, Do you care? that sounds a little bit like the start of a SPCA commercial to rescue abused pets, but in this case the real question is, Do we care about the future of the Earth?

Well OK then; Why should I care? and What can I do about it?

I believe that with the exception of the three or maybe four people that have it all figured out! (definitely not our family and our friends!). We all know-deep down, that we are in big trouble here on earth and therefore our future depends on rethinking how we live. We have unprecedented wars, recessions, species extinction, habitat destruction, population explosion and general social chaos.
The question for us then is; are we going sit around in our comfortable homes worrying about: climate change, water shortage, our  kids future  and the government or are we going to take action? to be part of the solution for a better future for all our children and grandchildren?

I submit that we can make a difference by  taking responsibility and become part of the solution as we continue to use/develop our earth to sustain the 8 billion people that live here and give them a decent way of life. We Americans, only 5% of the world’s population, use approximately 25% to 40% of its resources like timber and fossil fuels and can take action simply by the way we live and often waste resources- yes even the old “turn off the water when you brush your teeth” does matter!

We need to rethink our values, principles, decisions and actions to be able to “pass forward” a healthy future. The Sustainable Learning Center (SLC) is designed on the premise that a wise and internationally proven system to do this “rethink” is the concept of Sustainable Development.

But that brings up another one of those pesky soul searching questions.
What do we care about?

Are all the worlds people, cultures and our diversity part of the solution?

Are our ecosystems and their healthy function essential for our survival?

Does a thriving economy support these other Life-Support Systems?

Now! after an honest look at these questions and evaluation of your values,  you should be ready to help rethink our societies actions in terms of Sustainability (don’t worry it took me almost 60 years!) and take careful action in your life, family, community and job.


        The Slade’s “Designed with Nature” Home and Learning Center- Our pretty feeble attempt to live Green

                                                        Mimicking nature with minimal Ecosystem disturbance

The good news is that you are not the first Sustainability seeker to show up!
Andres Edwards in his wonderful book “The Sustainability Revolution” quotes Paul Hawken’s estimate that there are 30,000 sustainability groups in the US and tens of thousands of groups world wide. These groups and even some reformed (just kidding!!) Businessmen and Environmentalists are  now working together to to implement Sustainable Solutions* That fit with their context, culture and desired way of life. Edwards then presents success stories/case studies and documents the surprising similar principles that drive the success of these organizations,  in many different fields: from ecosystem restoration; to fair lending practices; to equal access to health care.
He then describes the four spheres of Sustainability- referred to as the 4 E’s that groups could choose to focused on. Our site for example focuses on the 4th E that of Education (the most important of course!!!) that is needed to support an understanding of the other three: Economy/Employment; Equity/Society; and Ecology/Environment  that must be balanced  to achieve Sustainable Development

Today we will be looking at  an educational solution, and specifically the purpose of our Sustainable Learning Center that we hope will become a source of:  hope for the future; inspiration to give-back and make  a difference;  adopt a Stewardship Ethic; implement good science; discover appropriate technology solutions and inspiring stories of people and organizations making a difference.

We do this via live workshops, this Blog, in depth on-line learning modules and short videos.

Live Workshop on Natural Building at our Learning Center, near Lucerne  Valley CA

Most of all we would like to invite you to our SLC Community, exploring solutions to sustaining the earth and its people

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